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As you can already tell, there hasn't been any accepted applications over the course of the last couple months. However, we'd like to change all that and ask all users who are still interested to bump their threads or submit one if you haven't already. We are looking for players who will further benefit the community and help us grow the network!

Over the next couple days, the staff application section will remain opened. If your application suits our interest you will be accepted. TIP: (Write as much detail as possible, if it is lacking effort... then you will automatically not be accounted for.) After we have accepted a specific number of applications we will close off the section until further notice.
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Hello Everybody,

Let me start this off by wishing everybody a Happy New Years! With the new year coming Dota and myself will be trying to get this year started off on a great note. We will be having tons of new updates and resets in the upcoming weeks / months and we hope everybody can get excited for that, I won't go into to much detail on anything right now because this is an HCF reset thread :). With that being said, let's get into the HCF stuff!

Include the text below in your video description to receive rewards!

Reupload and get Crate Keys on Release!

100+ Subs = 2 Tier I Crate Keys
250+ Subs = 3 Tier II Crate Keys
500+ Subs = 5 Tier III Crate Keys

Download Link:
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►Server Information:
►IP: play.wyvernnetwork.com
►Website: http://www.wyvernnetwork.com/
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Hello everyone,

Welcome to 2017! With the start of a brand new year. We have decided to give everyone a chance to play on the server again! (This excludes players who are blacklisted and have Chargedback)

To celebrate the new years, there will be a 1 Day ONLY 70% SALE! (Ends January 2, 2017)

** The raffle draw for [December, 2016] "Vortex" rank goes to "Snowpuppy2882" - Congratulations! **
  • You will be automatically be entered to the "Vortex" rank raffle draw when you have voted 75 times of every month.
  • Voting will earn you rewards on each server you login to. If you vote offline. The rewards will be stored until you get online so, you won't miss anything!
Thanks for everyone who has voted! Every single vote helps towards the growth of the network.

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Unfortunately, due to some hiccups to one of our storage devices yesterday night. Some newer faction data during that time may be lost. - About 3 hours from this post. (Created Factions, Claims, Warps etc...) However, no player inventories, balances, mcmmo etc... were lost.

We URGE you to check and reclaim everything if necessary.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.
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We have brought back the Christmas Crates from last year that you all loved! These crates contain all the top tier rewards with a higher chance than the normal crates. You can also win exclusive rewards that are only from these crates as well as permanent ranks and kits!

How do we get the Christmas Present Keys?
  • When you vote or a vote party occurs, there is a percentage that you can obtain these "Christmas Present Keys" You can also donate for these keys here under ** Christmas Presents **

The crates are only available on the following server:
  • Skyblock Leaf
  • Skyblock Dark
  • Factions Fire (After reset)

Happy holidays!
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We would like to take this opportunity of the upcoming holidays to reset Factions Fire, and many other servers afterwards. We know that there are many outdated servers that need a reset, but as one of the core servers on this network, we have decided to prioritize it.

The Kit-map for faction's fire will begin on Dec, 13! Go wild with the current map and blow up your own base...! Or other enemy bases! ;)

The reset will take place on December 17, 2016 @ 5PM EST!

What will reset:
  • The Map
  • vTokens
  • Inventories, Enderchests & Vaults
  • Player Balance
  • Player Homes
  • McMMO Credits
  • McMMO Levels
What will not reset:
  • Global Ranks
  • Global Titles
  • Current Votes
  • Battleset, Frosty, Spooky Kits
  • Particle Trails
  • Faction Powerboosts
  • TNT will be disabled for the first week (Like every start of the map)
  • New Spawn
    • World Size - 15,000 X 15,000
    • Nether...