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As the reset for faction's fire is just right around the corner. We would like to take this time to gather the community's ideas and suggestions. All your comments will be carefully consider and we'll try our best to add it into the map!

Please stick to the topic of this thread. Any comments leading off will be deleted.

Thank you!
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All vouchers for the month "March" has been activated. Thanks to everyone who has been continuously supporting the server!

*** The raffle draw for the month March "Vortex" rank goes to "SarahAnna" - Congratulations! ***

You will be automatically be entered to the "Vortex Rank" raffle draw when you have voted 75 times of every month.

Voting will earn you rewards on each server you login to. If you vote offline. The rewards will be stored until you get online so, you won't miss anything! By accumulating a total of 75 votes per month, you will automatically receive a $10 Coupon code that you can use on our webstore at "buy.wyvernnetwork.com" If your purchase is equivalent or under $10, you will receive the items absolutely free without having to pay a single penny!
  • To access your voucher code. Use the command "/Voucher" in-game on any server.
Note: You can ONLY use ONE Voucher...
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As the community seems to show a different perspective between Skyblock Leaf and Dark. We are keeping the 2 servers separate rather than merging them. However, that can always change down the road. There has already been a lot of thought put into the possible changes that are going to be made for Skyblock dark, but we value your opinions and would like to hear your ideas before doing so.

1.) Some general ideas we had in mind were to change the Skyblock Dark into "Acid Islands" It would have the same concept of Skyblock, but you would be on an island completely surrounded by water/acid. Acid rain will also be playing a role into this as you would need to seek shelter when this happens.

2.) As this gamemode really leans towards the survival aspect and the environment. We will be making a drastic change to the overall gameplay experience and the current Donor kits, commands, permissions and more! Of course, we will not be taking this route if this is not...
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Over the course of the last few weeks, we have been carefully considering all feedback and suggestions that were made in one of our threads here. As many of you guys already know, we try our best to make that all happen.

For this reset, we are mainly focusing on the economy and the longevity of the map as it was brought up a lot in the thread. Of course, it will also contain new features and important bug fixes that many of you guys will be pleased with. Lets begin with the most heavily spoken topic of "Pumpkin and Melon farms" These farms will be made viable again as a source of income, however they will not be the ones that generate the most income. An important notice is that these particular farms will no longer need pistons to break the block the blocks. They will automatically break once fully grown. Water will also no longer break the Pumpkin and Melon seeds or stems....
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All vouchers have been sent out to the folliowing users:

  1. legomaster49 - $25 Voucher
  2. ConsiderCyanide - $25 Voucher
  3. deltametroid - $25 Voucher
  4. Granola_King - $10 Voucher
  5. bKanzi - $10 Voucher
  6. BudGrower - $10 Voucher
  7. shiney_things - $10 Voucher
  8. mcislander - $10 Voucher
  9. Laxnerd - $10 Voucher
  10. fishchar - $10 Voucher
You can view the voucher code in the hub 1 of the network (/hub or /server hub) by reading your mail (/mail read)

Thanks to everyone for their continuous support! We will have more of these competitions in the near future. Stay tuned for more!
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Hello everyone,

It is time to replace our long served lobby and send it on its way to the retirement home. Today, we have released a new lobby spawn! To see how beautiful spawn looks, you'll have to login to the network to check it out for yourself!

Now onto the more interesting news you all clicked this thread for which is the "FREE" ranks and more. We have introduced a new system which is now life from the moment you are reading this. You can watch these short 15-30 second video advertisements to earn 1 AdPoint every time you complete the video. The buycraft store has been completely replicated into the AdPoint system which you can access by using the command "/AdShop" in-game. That's right... you can buy anything that we offer on our webstore completely FREE with AdPoints!

There are some limitations in the system to prevent abuse. Each minecraft account is limited to around 500 views per day. This means if you have alternative accounts, you can use them...